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i5 12600k uhd black screen hdmi


i5 12600k processor internal graphics card gives me black screen when its enabled.

Motherboard is z690m-itx/ax

The Screen is working with external gpu, the cables are not broken.

Intel® Driver & Support Assistant says I have no updates.

Tried running it without a external graphics card. just the hdmi in the motherboard and it will give black screen from power on.

When running two monitors, one on external GPU and one on the motherboard  and enable the option to use the internal gpu for second monitor in the bios, a restart of the system will show me the bios splash screen and then black screen (on monitor connected to external GPU). and a complete black screen on the hdmi motherboard monitor from power on

I  want to run the pc without external graphics card. What can I do? 

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After you installed windows, did you install the chipset drivers before installing the other "regular" drivers?

for instance, 'inf drivers' and 'intel management engine', etc...


Also review if you have the latest BIOS 2.03


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