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A380 Sleep Hang only if programs running


 Wanted to let users and developers know that I do not have a problem coming out of sleep with my ASROCK a380 (Drivers  if I have no other programs running besides McAfee Antivirus.     Computer _Dell XPS 8940 10th gen i5 (UHD630 igpu with latest drivers Windows 21H2.     Same with or without ARC Control running.  But if I have Edge or other programs full screen or minimized on task bar the computer will hang on black screen coming out of sleep mode.  Resizeable bar is active and I have pci-express Link State Power Management turned off in power profile. Hope this helps in some way.  Could it be tied to Link State Power Management?  Or Desktop Window Manager?  I did notice in Task Manager that after installing the ARC card that my Windows Explorer memory useage went up (doubled) from always less than 100MB to around 190MB now.  Desktop Window Manager dropped from from 80MB to 50MB, single HD monitor.  No Sleep or No open Programs is my workaround for now


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