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A770-16 drivers


Anybody else had issues installing ARC drivers using the standard .exe installer?

I received my card on Wednesday afternoon and was super excited to install it.

After downloading the latest Display Driver Uninstaller, I rebooted into Safe mode.

The installed GTX1060-6 was reverted to the standard VGA driver and all Nvidia drivers and software removed with the utility.

The system was shut down and the new dare I say.... beautiful A770-16 installed.

The newest Intel driver was downloaded and that is when things went horribly sideways.

On launching the executable, it started by looking at system hardware but never got beyond that point.

The indicator stopped scrolling followed by first the mouse pointer becoming extremely stuttery then wham!.... green screen of death.

Okay! automatic reboot and log in. the installer automatically resumed....same result.... GSOD.

It did that another ten times while I looked for a solution on my phone.

I then elected to start the computer in safe mode with networking.

I went back to Intel's site and this time downloaded the latest BETA driver in zip format ( BETA).

I simply extracted the file, went into the Device Manager and manually installed the driver.

I then rebooted and still the .exe installer tried starting but I was able to cancel it since the driver was now correctly installed.

I then enter the startup programs and killed that process from ever trying to start again.

Finally I went into the...\Resources\Extras\ folder and ran the ARC control installer.

Hope this helps anyone with this rather frustrating issue of installation.

I am now loving the card, though there are still some small niggles which I'm hoping will get ironed out over time and driver revisions... (See the black headlights on some following cars).

Here is a test video with an early title I ran to test large grids of cars.....

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