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Crash to Desktop in Forza Horizon 5


I've been experiencing crashes with Forza Horizon 5 (Microsoft Store version) and I thought I might share what I've discovered in the hope that this issue can be tracked down.  I'm using an Intel Arc A770M card with the driver.  My system is a new NUC12 Enthusiast Kit running a fresh installation of Windows 10.  Resizable BAR is enabled and there are no error messages associated with the crashes.

I'm getting crashes when starting races and when backing out of the beginning menu to start driving.  I've found that the GPU does not like the Multi Sample Anti-Alias graphic setting in the game.  The default setting established by running an in-game benchmark for this is x2.  If I change this setting to OFF, the crashes don't happen, or at least haven't happened so far.  Obviously, this isn't the greatest solution because turning MSAA off makes the game look worse, but maybe somebody could test that and see if the crash is reproducible.

Oh, and the Event Viewer shows that, immediately before the crash, the 'Display driver igfxnd stopped responding and has successfully recovered.' This event is followed by the crash of ForzaHorizon5.exe.

Hopefully this information is helpful. I sure would like to have it resolved.  Let me know if I can help in any way.



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