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Framerate/FPS still terrible on Halo: MCC - Reach



GPU: ASRock Challenger D A750

GPU driver:; This is a clean install, I DDU'd and installed these drivers a few hours ago.

CPU: Ryzen 5 5600X

RAM: 32GB @ 3200MHz cl16

OS: Windows 11 22h2, build #: 22621.1992

PSU: thermaltake smart 500w 80+ white


DXVK (Can't use online/can't get achievements): Screenshot_3528.png

These two screenshots above were just walking around the map.

Everywhere in the game when stuff is happening, my FPS is terrible/unplayable (Around 20 fps, often times below that/can barely aim because of it).  

Sometimes the FPS can go to somewhat playable numbers (30-50ish, sometimes even higher, but only for short periods) but as soon as you're shooting or look at anything slightly taxing to the GPU, FPS will drop.

I'm getting about 1/10th the FPS I should be getting if DXVK is anything to go by.

Game graphics settings (VSYNC off, FPS unlimited): 


Halo 3 in MCC also has similar issues, however it at least plays at a playable fps of around 30-40 on the low-side, although it's pretty smooth, although like reach utilization is low and GPU frequency is also very low.

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Hello DC92,



Thank you for posting on the Intel communities. I see that you are having low performance issue while playing Halo: MCC with your Intel® Arc™ A750 Graphics, I understand how frustrating is this for you, I will be happy to help you.  


We are aware of this issue and we are working really hard to solve it as soon as possible.

I will investigate to check if there is more information about it, and get back to you as soon as possible.





Andres P. 

Intel Customer Support Technician

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