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Intel Arc A770 LE GPU Clock Stuck at 300mhz and wont boost while gaming or under load


I just bought the Intel A770 16gb last weekend for my Kids, I did a DDU and removed the old Nvidia Drivers for the GTX 760, installed the Latest Drivers from intel the one that ends with 91, they use my old x299-E board and 7820x CPU and Resizable bar is enabled in the BIOS, it worked out of the box and I was impressed with it, but now it is super inconsistent, if they reboot the machine the GPU clock will go back to 300MHZ and wont change resulting in 2 fps in Spiderman, I have to shutdown and turn the machine on to get it to unstuck from the idle state and when I see it idling at 600mhz, once I see it at 600mhz I know it will work I will put it under load and it will go from 600mhz to 2.4ghz, also shutting it down wont grantee that it will work every time, this is crazy, did I get a defective unit?, I am thinking to replace it and get an AMD card, but I want to know if this is a defective unit since I can exchange it within the 14 day warranty.


the wired thing here is once it works it works all day, but when you reboot the machine or shut it down you cannot guarantee it will work on next boot up, last night I spent hours to get it to unstock from the idle state at 300mhz and it wont budge I removed the drivers reinstalled them, reset the bios setting to default and re-enabled rebar, also bios is up to date , and it worked last night and this morning before I go to work it happened again stuck at 300 MHZ and wont boost at all regardless of the load.


Also this issue when it happens it affects every game not spider man only, every game will launch but it will be at 1-2 fps very slow unpayable and and max load using the intel ui alt+o show 49 watts, once it is unstuck buy countess reboots it will work fine and i will see the load around 190 watts and clock around 2.4 ghz, please advise as this is extremely unreliable and frustrating. 


Update: I went to the retailer (memory express here in Canada) and exchange it to end up with the same results it is 100% a driver bug, the up side I know how to get the card working, if I rebooted it will get stuck if I shut it down and turn the machine on from a complete powered off state it will work fine, the down side this card will not over clock at all, blue screen immediately after a simple OC so it is running at stock 2.4GHZ the one I exchanged was running at 2.7ghz stable so **bleep** intel I wish I have known it is a driver bug I would of waited for a fix not exchanged it, now I ended up with one slightly worse in over clocking and temps since that card runs under load 80C and when I stress test it using msi kombustor , it will reach 90c under load so I don't know if I got i got a lemon now.

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Hello Shandidy

Thank you for posting on the Intel® ARC™ Graphics Communities. I am sorry to hear that you are facing issues with your new Intel® Arc™ A770 Graphics adapter.

We understand you have opened a web portal support case with us, and we will continue to help you through that channel now. We will therefore close this community case. Please, keep in mind that this thread will no longer be monitored by Intel, in case you have further questions, please open a new thread. 


Thanks for your understanding.  


Best regards, 

Hugo O.  

Intel Customer Support Technician 

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May I ask what if this has been fixed? Having a similar problem. ARC a750 is stuck at 600Mhz.  I've already downgraded the driver and updated with the newest driver. Unfortunally nothing works. 600Mhz it is...

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