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Re: games always turn to black screen for 2or 3 seconds


Hi  @Carlos_L_ Intel,

        I'm yyang33. I'm sorry I cannot reply in the last subject page. the reply button is gray, and also I cannot mark your answer. So I have to start new subject... It's so wried...seems that my account has been blocked.

        the origin link is as follow:


1. I'm using straight cable into the port. no adapter or docking station.

2. I don't remember actually. This happened not so often before. Nothing changed. just regular update.

3. you can see the video in the attachment. The screen turn to black at 23'' .

4. yes. enabled.

5. see the attachment.


If you want for more info, feel free to reach out to me at <email removed>  Or you can fix the problem that I can't reply the subject which I posted.....


BTW, I down grade to the version of 4255 now, black screen not happen so often. The video was recorded under 4314.  





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Hello yyang33

Thank you for letting us know and for the information provided. Soon you will be contacted through the email address linked to this profile to continue assisting you with this issue.

Best Regards,

Hugo O.

Intel Customer Support Technician.

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