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Reply to Carlos L. about :"a750 outputs photos losing colors when using Adobe Camera raw AI"


Because I can't reply in the original thread "a750 outputs photos losing colors when using Adobe Camera raw AI".  So I have to submit a new thread.

1、Are you using a straight cable into the port, or are you using any type of adapter or docking station?

Yes, I use a straight cable into the HDMI port of a750. 

2. When did the issue start? Were there any recent changes? Was the feature working before?
It's my first time to use a750. My last graphic card is a Nivida 1060 3G.


3.Is Resizable Bar enabled in the BIOS?

Yes. It's enabled.


the attachments are the file produced by intel SSU, adobe camera raw AI processing interface, and the output jpg file.

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Hello Hexie9

Thank you for letting us know and for providing the requested information. You will soon be contacted to the email address registered to this profile to continue assisting you with this issue. This thread will be close to prevent duplicate topics.

Best Regards,

Hugo O.

Intel Customer Support Technician.

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