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intel ARC A770 16gb The performance of Kart Drift Game is severe.

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intel ARC A770le 16gb

amd 5950x cpu


There are quite a few problems with Kart Drift Game, such as slow game speed and delay in loading process.
The game uses Unreal Engine, but it has a very serious performance degradation compared to GeForce and Radeon.

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I found the cause. Currently, I am using the Windows 7 compatibility mode due to a problem with the security function of the game itself, and this was the cause of the performance degradation. I think the game makers will have to solve it.

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Hello DanSun,  


Thank you for contacting Intel Technical Support for graphics.  


We are sorry to hear you experienced problems with performance of Kart Drift Game and you solved it by changing the Windows 7 compatibility mode.  We are glad to hear that is fixed now.

In case you require anything else, feel free to open a separate thread.

We have not heard back from you so this thread will no longer be monitored. If you need further support, please post a new question to provide assistance.     

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