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Barometer issue

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After updating my drone to the latest possible versions (bios, fpga etc) from the official wiki/documentation, I still find the drone to be pretty unstable and continuously moving up and down +- 15 cm while on alt hold or position hold mode. Tests conducted with air blowing softly and for me seems like it's a barometer issue. The current barometer precision does not satisfy our requirements.

Things that I found possibly creating this problem:

Case has intake and exhaust holes on the right and left side but cpus's cooler fins are vertical to the holes so where does the air go? Maybe 90 degree fins rotation will fix this. Now there's a chance cooler blowing ON the barometer or cooler trapping air inside.

Barometers (you can take a look on APM, Pixhawk etc boards) have a sponge on them to not let air blow on them especially when the board case has holes letting air go in the case.

What's your suggestion?

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Hello Sotiris,



Thank you for your interest in the Intel Aero drone.



I would suggest you to first do a frame reset.


Navigate to the Airframe menu and select "Reset" to reset the drone's airframe configuration. Select "Apply and Restart" and restart the drone



In case the issue still persists, we will need to gather some info for further investigation if that's ok.


Can you please provide the output of this command:aero-get-version.pyAre you using pixhawk or ardupilot


Can you please provide a video of your drone flying?





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I've done a frame reset and recalibrated everything. Looks like a problem with firmware. I've changed to arduino firmware and mission planner and calibrated the drone again. Drone flies like a charm. There are a lot of problems with QGC not uploading mission, not calibrating etc depending on the version of firmware we have. So I'm changing to mission planner for now.

Thanks though!