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CANBUS and I2C Documentation/Samples

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The title says it all. I would like to experiment with CANBUS and I2C Sensors/Components. Intel was apparently working on documentation for the 80 pin connector back in october, but I have not seen an update.

The Flex cable that comes with the Intel Aero board, seems to not have all the pins broken out. i.e it it only provides Power Board, Radio Control, Telemetry, Compass and GPS breakouts. Is there an ETA on the documentation for CAN and I2C pins?


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Hello irieblue,



Thanks for reaching out!



We are still working on the documentation for the 80 pin connector. We apologize for the delay on this, but we are reviewing our work and making sure that the documents are as detailed as possible. As soon as the documentation is ready it will be announced on the community, however, there is no ETA for when this might happen.