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Can somebody please help me on how to assign an esc id?


Hello everyone!

So I have this Intel aero drone and I crashed it in a mission flight with QGroundControl. One of the rear esc stop working and so I bought a new one. After attaching the new esc my drone now doesn't take off correctly anymore, even in manual flight mode with the transmitter. I tried to swap two of the motor wires to get the propeller spins in the correct direction. unfortunately the esc uses a uart protocol where all esc receives messages over single uart bus through the power distribution board. each of the esc has a unique id so that all the esc can operate and share the same uart bus. The esc is created by yuneec for intel, and I also got the yuneec programmer dongle, yuna100. But I could not find any documentation online about how to perform the esc id assignment operation. I tried to download the typhoon h gui windows app and as well as the typhoon 500 gui windows app. none of them was able to detect the drone through the programmer dongle, and now I'm stuck with getting this thing to work.


Unfortunately intel has discontinued support for the intel aero product and yuneec wouldn't help me either though email. Could some body please me on how to do this so I can get my drone flying again?



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