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Downward Facing RealSense Camera


Downward Facing RealSense Camera instructions for the Intel Aero Drone can be found at the following link: Intel Aero Drone - Downward Facing RealSense Camera: 5 Steps (with Pictures)

Additional Instructables for the Intel Aero Drone can be found at the following link: Instructables Member : intel-aero Instructables

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Thanks, very useful for Aero users! I imagine such a mounting might also have applications for ordinary RealSense users for projects where they needed to mount the camera pointing downwards, like was done in the RealSense game Tanked (the R200 cam was attached above a large TV set beside the playfield). Tanked is played on Sand with a Real Sense Camera - IDF 2015 - YouTube

Here's a making-of article about Tanked too. Some of the design principles in that article could probably be adapted for effective processing of a downward-pointing cam during drone flight. TANKED!* by Design Mill: A 4D Video Game Using Intel ® RealSense™ Technology | Intel® Software