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How to design and configure the flight controller for the Intel Aero drone with new controllers?

I got the Intel Aero RTF drone and I know the PX4 flight controller contains 6 PID controllers for the position and attitude control, and I know we can change the PID parameters for these controllers with QGroundControl software.

What I want to know is that can I develop other kinds of controllers like optimal controllers or model predicting controllers to replace the PID controllers inside the flight controller? Is that possible to do that and how can I achieve that? It would be great if you can give me some references. Thanks in advance.

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Hi ZChen57, Thank you for your interest in the Intel Aero drone. You can attach any flight controller with an UART interface. Here are the instructions for connecting the hardware and configuring the software: Regarding the modifications to the flight controller, you should go to PX4 for further support. Regards, Alexandra