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Insides of the Intel Aero RTF kit


Since many people have questions about the Aero compute board, onboard flight controller, and the RTF kit, and Intel has been deflecting answering some questions and providing usable information, here are a few photos of the inside of the Aero RTF kit. Intel Aero RTF drone - Album on Imgur

There is a separate flight controller located on the reverse side of the Intel Aero compute board in the kit.

Based on this Intel document ( RealSense - Intel® Aero Compute Board and Intel® RealSense™ Technology for Wi-Fi* Streaming of RGB Data | Intel® Softwar… ), it appears to be a AscTec Trinity flight controller.

Hopefully this information is useful to the community, and we can now make some good progress.

- Sal

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Thats great to know. It is helping me in trying to create a block diagram.

From Intel® Aero Ready to Fly Drone, I see that the "Intel® Aero Flight Controller with Dronecode* PX4* autopilot" is "Connected to the Aero Compute board over HSUART and communicates using MAVLink* protocol".

and that the flight controller (your AscTec Trinity flight controller) has "Temperature compensated: 6 DoF IMU, magnetometer, and altitude sensors".

Now, are these sensors the same as those listed on the Compute Board Onboard Sensors · intel-aero/meta-intel-aero Wiki · GitHub ?


Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)-BMI 160 sensor is connected to Atom SoC via SPI interface on bus 3 (SPI3) chip select 0 (CS0).

Magnetometer Sensor-BMM 150 sensor is connected to Atom SoC via I2C interface on bus 2 at slave address 0x12.

Pressure Sensor-MS5611 pressure sensor is connected to Atom SoC via I2C interface on bus 2 at slave address 0x76.

If not, then I guess the RTF Drone has two sets of sensors? One set on the Flight controller and one set on the compute Board?

If there are two sets of sensors, what are the specs for the ones on the Controller?

If there is one set of sensors, I guess it has to be on the COmpute board, in which case how does the controller use them?


Where did you find the information saying the flight controller is AscTec Trinity? I'm also curious about this flight controller. And it would be great if something can provide more information on it. But I highly doubt it's Trinity. From AscTec's website, Trinity looks like a high-end flight controller for AscTec professional line products. Trinity by itself has 3 redundant IMUs.



Re trinity, check out the first entry in the thread.


My bad, I didn't read carefully enough.

Then the hardware configuration of this RTF quad is really attractive. The computational power and overall dimension of aero+trinity are outstanding. I just did a quick search but didn't find much detailed information about this flight controller and where to buy one separately. If it's possible to buy only AERO+Trinity (+Realsense) kit, it would be perfect for many research projects using other frame/motor/ESC combinations.