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Intel Aero RTF drone Radio canot be calibrated with QGroundControl

When we first got the Intel Aero RTF drone, we flashed the OS, BIOS, FPGA, FC, and calibrate the sensors and radio and everything, it went perfectly. But recently I purchased a new typhoon GPS and replaced the original one because we kind of damage the original one. These two GPS are the same. So I start to flash the OS, BIOS, FPGA, FC again, it went well. Then I start to calibtrate the sensors with QGroundControl, I connect to the drone through the access point with the wifi name Aero-00xxxxxxxx. I almost finished all the calibrating process except the radio.

When I turn on the transmitter, and reboot the drone, and connect the drone with QGroundControl in my laptop, and click the calibrate botton and click ok, but the QGC interface just changed back, and there is not next button I can click to calibrate. My onterface is in the first photo instead of the official photo which it should be.

The output of the is in the third photo, which is right.

So I don't know where went wrong.1.png2.png3.jpg


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