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LPE works with position but doesn't work with orientation, how to solve this?


I'm flying the drone indoors and use the VICON system to get the pose of the Intel Drone. In the QGroudControl I set to LPE mode. In my code, I used the following topics

mocappub = rospy.Publisher('/mavros/mocap/pose',PoseStamped,queue_size=10)

But when I publishing the VICON data to this topics with a frequency of 40hz, the drone only takes the x, y and z position data correctly but doesn't take x, y, z, w orientation data successfully. I tried other ros topics shown in this link, but I can not get the results I want.

I appreciate it if you can tell me the right way to let the drone fuse the VICON pose data only because the VICON data is very accurate. Thanks in advance.

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Hi ZChen57, Thank you for your interest in the Intel Aero Drone. We haven't tested those instructions but other users reported having the same issue. You may find the link below helpful. Regards, Alexandra