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Power, Storage, Boot Drives, and Cables

I have a few questions about the Aero Compute Board. I found older or uncertain answers for some of them but I'd like to confirm that they're correct and haven't changed:

  1. Power Supply: There is an reply from Leonardo R. stating that the compute board will take 5-20V with a link to the product specs, but every other reference I've found says 5V. Can I safely use a higher voltage (12V for example)?
  2. Can I boot from an SD Card? I updated the bios and tried with an ubuntu installer image and it didn't appear in the boot list. It also doesn't show up in the target drive list if I boot to a USB Ubuntu Installer. If no, is this a planned feature?
  3. How do I setup an SSD? I've updated the BIOS and installed a 240GB Intel 540 series, but it doesn't appear in lsblk, /dev/sd* etc. from the default Yocto install or Ubuntu booted off a USB flash drive. Is there a BIOS setting or a way to see enumerate the drives the BIOS can see to confirm that its working?
  4. Boot from SSD? There is an old discussion about this where the Intel rep says booting from the SSD is not supported, however another thread discusses booting Linux. Regardless, 9 months and several bios updates have passed. Is SSD boot possible at this point?
  5. I need to connect the USB 3.0 Micro B socket to a USB 3.0 Type B socket. Does intel supply any cables that will enable that? There's a note that intel will offer a USB 3.0 Micro B to female USBA A cable in Q3 2017, is that available?
  6. eMMC - what type of storage is this, and are there any performance metrics? How fast is it compared to an SSD, or fast SD Card or Flash Drive?
  7. I don't see these for purchase outside of Dev Kits. Is this an ongoing product? How long will we be able to buy production boards? What quantities are required, and where can we get them?
  8. Though many of the features of this board are useful, we really just need an x86 computer with roughly these specs in this kind of form factor for an embedded device. Are there other intel boards we should consider?


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Community Manager

Hello, NBuger

Thank you for your interest in Intel products.


Regarding your first question, the input voltage range specifications were modified. You will need to use 5V input.*


2. Currently we don't support booting from the SD card.


3. I would suggest you check this link:



Regarding the rest of the questions, please let me look into it and I will get back to you soon.






*Modified input voltage from original response.