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Questions about Realsence and SDK

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I have Aero Intel drone and I have many issues I hope you can help me with it:

1- Could you please tell me if you are going to publish any tutorial or full documentation about the drone soon. The current wiki is poor and lack of examples and information. If yes, could you please tell me the approximate time for that?

2- I know that the kit is for developers but Is there any possibility to develop mobile applications to control the drone and streaming images from realsence? I read that the drone supports Malvik protocol .So, Is it possible to use Welcome to DroneKit-Android's documentation! to develop apps? Could you please provide me all the information about this issue because it is critical for us and until now I am confused and can not know where shall I start?

3- I am really confused about this point, If I want to develop some functionality for the realsence, how can I add this functionality to kit after developing it (e.g in Windows)? Are there any examples about this idea? how can I customize the functionality of the realsence?

4- If I want to add another realsence camera to the drone (for specific reasons I need that). Is that possible and does the kit support that? If not, Is it possible to add another kit and connect realsnece with it and manage the process between them?

Sorry for the long questions but I really don't know where I shall start and I hope you will provide more contents about this soon.


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Hi Soubhi,



Thanks for your interest in the Intel Aero Platform.



Currently, you can find all the documentation available here: Intel® Aero, however, we would like to let you know that we would like to investigate a little bit more regarding all your questions and as soon as we find useful information we'll let you know.



Additionally, we would like to suggest you to take a look at the RealSense samples for the Intel Aero (in case you haven't seen them) since its software comes with librealsense samples, here you can find them: RealSense.



We'll appreciate your patience while we investigate.





-Yermi A.


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Hi Soubhi, I will try to help with some of your questions. Please bear in mind that though RealSense is one of my specialist areas, RealSense + drones is not. I will try my best though.

1. As I understand it, Intel are still producing the full documentation for Aero. I do not have a timeline for when it will be released. Intel support staffer Andres posted a message about this recently.

2. This article on streaming RGB from the Aero Compute Board via RealSense and a wi-fi connection may be useful to you. RealSense - Intel® Aero Compute Board and Intel® RealSense™ Technology for Wi-Fi* Streaming of RGB Data | Intel® Softwar…

3. My knowledge about developing RealSense apps for the drone is sketchy. My understanding is that you develop an app in Linux format in the open-source RealSense SDK 'Librealsense' and load it onto the Aero Compute Board, which has the Linux OS stored on it (a form of Linux called Yocto Project). Apparently, you can also create a wi-fi connection between the Intel Compute Board and a Linux computer that the app scripting is stored on.

4. Regarding having more than one RealSense camera on a drone: an early RealSense drone in 2015 had six R200 cameras arranged in a circle to give 360 degree vision. The Aero kit has a single R200 camera. I think that if you were to try to replicate that then it would be going well beyond the scope of the Aero kit, and you would essentially be building your own custom drone from scratch, including choosing your own onboard control board.


I hope some of this is of help to you.

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Hi Soubhi,



Thanks for your patience, we have been investigating and we would like to let you know the following regarding your questions:


  1. Currently, we are still working on the Aero documentation, also, we would suggest to take a look at this link for the /thread/111462 Intel® Aero Compute Board Hardware Features and Usage Guide
  2. Regarding to developing mobile applications to control the drone and streaming images from RealSense, we have not done any tests ourselves.
  3. To develop RealSense applications, you will have to use Librealsense library, please take a look at this link for more details:
  4. We are not sure if the Aero will work on multiple cameras, since we have not done any testing or validation with them.


Hope this information helps,





-Yermi A.