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RTF drone's network is not showing up


We recently bought an Intel Aero RTF drone, and are trying to go through the process of switching the drone to client mode so it can access our wifi network. When turning on the drone, we use to be able to see the wifi network of our drone CA_AP-. We could connect to this secured network using the password that is given on the github, but now when we power our drone up, the network no longer shows up. I've only seen it pop up once after the network has stopped showing up. I also was not able to ssh to the IP address that was given on the github when I was connected to the wifi network. I would like to reconnect to the network now to scan for IPs, but the network is no longer showing up?

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I've also tried connecting the micro hdmi port to a monitor using a micro hdmi to hdmi adapter, and the monitor says no hdmi signal available. So it appears I cannot just connect a screen, mouse, and keyboard either.


Was able to get it to show up now. Tried following the directions to change to client mode, but the commands did not work. Do you have to flash the system when you receive your drone? Can you not just work on the default that it is shipped with? Otherwise, I suppose I will try flashing it to the latest version, and see if that helps. For the directions on flashing, it says a keyboard/mouse/monitor is not required. How do you go about the flashing process which requires typed commands into the terminal then?

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Hi gjlies,



The Intel Aero RTF drone will not have the latest image installed out of the box. The latest image (v1.6) can be found in the below link:


Please note the latest image requires an update to the BIOS, FPGA and Flight Controller which is all included in the image.



In regards to the flashing process, you will need a keyboard to be able to enter the BIOS and boot from the USB drive containing the latest image. Instruction on how to flash the board can be found in the following github wiki link: flashing