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Source for replacement parts?


From my experience earlier today it looks like the Aero RTF isn't going to be the crash-free smart-drone I was hoping for, at least not in it's initial state. I managed to damage three props within the first five minutes.

I'm wondering about sourcing parts, especially props. Seeing that the props are branded YUNEEC, I navigated to their site to see what parts they have to offer. Is this Typhoon H Propeller A the correct replacement prop for the Aero RTF?

It's a bit disappointing to see that props, motors, and possibly ESCs are propritary. Are motors, ESCs, and other replacement parts available at retail somewhere?



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Sorry about your situation. mine has yet to be more than a meter off the ground until I am 100% confident all systems are solid.

See my wiki where I am working to collect all the info and procedures I can.

The good news is that this is a standard 480 class UAV - appropriate parts should be available off the shelf until Intel - if they do - gets the supply chain of OEM parts up and running.

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Hello DGeise,



Thank you for interest in the Intel® Aero Compute Board.



I'm sorry to hear that your first experience with your RTF drone resulted in the damage of three of the drone propellers.



This subject has been previously discussed (, and we are aware of the situation.



We are currently working on making spare and replacement parts available via We hope they will be available soon.



Regarding the link you shared, even though I can't provide an estimate date of arrival, I'll suggest you to wait for the release of the official replacement parts, that way you can be sure of the product compatibility.



Thank you for your patience.