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Unable to flash Aero FC



We received the drone today and on Yocto successfully updated the BIOS, FPGA, and AeroFC. Following this guide, we were able to install Ubuntu, along with all repositories. We tried updating the Flight Controller again, it was successful but the version was reporting as unknown and we lost control of the motors. We tried updating it again to fix the issue and now the updating tool was stuck trying different baud rates and the board would never be found by the tool. We're now unable to flash it.

Fixes attempted:

Rolled back to a fresh installation Yocto (latest and 1.3.1)

Reflashed BIOS and FPGA

Flashed the FPGA in recovery

Forced bootloader pin state

Please advise on possible fixes.



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Hello gbarsih,



Thank you for your interest in the Intel Aero Ready to Fly drone.



Could you please let us know what is the current output of


What is the Flight Controller you have flashed? PX4 or Ardupilot? If you have used PX4, could you please try Ardupilot and vice versa?



You mentioned that the flashing was stuck trying different baud rates. Did you notice any error message in the Terminal before that? Could you please let us that output?



Thank you in advance and best regards,



Hello Eliza,

We tried both PX4 and ardupilot, no errors on the terminal message before attempting different baud rates.

We were able to solve it last night after a lot of debugging, the solution was to forcibly kill power instead of soft rebooting. Steps in Ubuntu:

1. Flash the recovery FPGA firmware

2. Kill power (disconnect the battery)

3. Flash the px4 file (it should now work)

4. Kill power

5. Flash the standard FPGA firmware

6. Kill power

7. Boot up and reboot

Anything other than these steps would fail. My suggestion would be to make these troubleshooting steps available, or making the uploader more robust.


Gabriel H.