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reading .ply file from Intel RealSense D435 into python


Hello, I'm testing the Intel RealSense D435 camera and I'd like to view the .ply in python.

I've tried loading the file using existing .ply reader packages but it appears that the formatting of the intel .ply files is causing me problems.  The intel .ply files contain coordinate as well as RGB information: 

property float32 x
property float32 y
property float32 z
property uchar red
property uchar green
property uchar blue

I think with typical .ply files, all of the vertex properties have to be on the same line, but when I acquired the .ply files from the D435 camera, the red green blue fields were on a new line. The typical .ply parsers expect all the vertex information on a single line.

Is there existing open source code for reading intel formatted .ply files into python?  Or will I need to write my own parser for this task?  Many thanks.

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