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3 Intel AMT questions


How might Intel AMT be useful for hotel chain information management?

How can software developerstake advantage ofAMT for enterprise database development?

Also, what is thebiggest advantage of AMT on remote recovery through the network?

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Hi and thank you for these questions,

Q - How might Intel AMT be useful for hotel chain information management?

A In my view, the first use of Intel AMT would be to provide improved reliability and uptime for desktop computers at each hotel. With Intel AMT, you could monitor each computer and make sure its running correctly. For example, you could watch what your hotel management software is running correctly and if its not, immediately be notified of the problem at a central office. This way, instead of waiting for a hotel employee to call for help, you can proactively investigate why your software is no longer working correctly. Intel AMT would also be useful to wake up computers to push software updates and monitor power savings.

Q - How can software developers take advantage of AMT for enterprise database development?

A Intel provides developers with a lot of tools for building software on top of Intel AMT. In addition, there are many software vendors that provide solutions you can use. I would start by reading about Intel AMT on this web site, get a vPro system and download the Intel AMT Developer Tool Kit, watch the training videos and start looking that what is possible with Intel AMT. For example: The Intel AMT watchdog timer feature could be very useful for you. Once you understand what features you need an how best to fit them your system, you can develop using the Intel AMT SDK and DTK or contact software vendors about existing solutions.

Q - Also, what is the biggest advantage of AMT on remote recovery through the network?

A Probably the most interesting feature of Intel AMT is the secure IDE-redirect feature that allows an administrator to remotely reboot the computer into a remote operating system. This is very useful when something goes very wrong and you want to try to fix the machine remotely. If you use the Intel DTK and look at the tutorial videos, you will see many features you can use for fixing computers. In the DTK we have a feature you can use to remotely control a computer even if the OS network driver is disabled.

Hope it helps,
Ylian (My Intel AMT Blog)

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