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AMT and power usage monitoring

I received a private message from someone on the forums about this, but since they aren't accepting private messages I can't respond so I figured I'd post my answer here. Plus it's an interesting question anyway, and I prefer to answer questions on the forums where others can see the answer.

The question was about whether AMT provided power usage information. The answer to that is no, AMT (nor the vPro platform as a whole) provides power usage information. I know some of the Intel boards that support vPro (the DQ45CB board, for example) have certain built in voltage sensors, you can look at the Intel Desktop Utilities for more on what's exposed there.

However, there is technology on some of the server side platforms that does provide power usage information, it's called Data Center Manager. You can find out more on that here:

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Hi Andrew

Power maintain is critical issue. Do we able to do power maintain using Intel MAT SDK. Can we obtain information of power consumptions of the processor HDD and other devices using AMT SDK?? In addition to that can we get some heat information of the board and the processor? In my home PC Im using a Intel 915GEV board and there are software on the driver CD for indicate the heat information of the motherboard regions and the processor and the hard disk( Im not quite sure about the hdd, coz I didnt use in months)

Can we get same information of the devises using the Intel AMT SDK??
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