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Can AMT laptop register itself with a server?

Hi experts,
When an AMT machine that is configured in DHCP mode is powered up, does the AMT have a way to identify itself to a "server"? For example, let us say my IT network has a server that is tracking all the machines. If one of my employees takes the laptop that is connected to LAN and is starting to roam within the office network but wirelessly. So the IP address would have changed. So instead of the server having to scan every IP address in the range to track this computer, I would think it would be easier if the AMT laptop contacted the server to say - my IP address is A.B.C.D
If so, is there some sample code that shows how this is done? Also, how would I configure on the AMT as to what is the IP address of the server to "register" with?
Appreciate your help.
Sudarsan VS.
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It looks like there was a duplicate of your post, I deleted the duplicate to avoid confusion on responses.

I know this topic has come up before, but I need to look into it more, I know it was an involved question. Let me get back to you on this one.

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