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Developer Enviroment Preferences Poll Results

If you haven't already seen the results of our last poll on Developer Environment Preferences, please take a look at this blog post. We discovered that Java is more desired that we had previously thought.

Also please make note of the comment from Aharon on that post to see how your feedback is making a difference in product development:
"As a member of one of those product development teams you refer to, I just wanted to emphasize again how important this feedback really is to us. It helps us decide how to allocate our resources and prioritze our projects. So, thanks to you for the poll, thanks to everyone who answered. I especially want to encourage everyone working with Intel AMT to take the time to give us your input: it really does make a difference!"

You are being heard. We just want you to speak up more.
Please take our latest poll on features you would like to see have an easier interface.
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