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Help on Circuit Breaker - Profile

In Circuit Breaker concept we can choose different Profile like
Statistics Passthru , passthru, Ratelimt and etc.

Can any one explain difference between
Passthru - Statistics passthru and
Drop Packets - Statistics Drop Packets.

One more question, if create any filter with commender.exe every time
it will show Statistics Passthru. is it bug or any thing wrong in understanding.

Please Help us on this.

Thanks & Regards,
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Hi Ravi,

Sorry for the later than usual replay. I am in Israel to meet with the Intel AMT development team and Internet in the hotel is very slow.

Filters with the word "Statistic" added to it indicates that a hardware counter will be assigned to this filter. Each time this filter matches, it will cause the counter to go up by one.

"Statistic Passthru" = Let the packet thru and count it.
"Statistic Drop" = Drop the packet and count it.

By the way, you can see all of the network hardware counters in Intel AMT Commander by pressing the "Show Policy Monitor..." button (or there are various other ways to get to it).

I will investivate that "Statistic Passthru" issue, looks like a bug that I had not noticed. Thanks for the report.

Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)

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