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Intel AMT SDK Web Based Training - tell us what you think!

We are proud to announce the availability of the first Web Based Training for the Intel AMT SDK. This training introduces Intel AMT, providing a brief introduction to out of band manageability and how software communicates with Intel AMT. The training then goes on to provide an introduction to the Intel AMT SDK, describing what it is, and what an ISV can use it for. It describes the layout of the SDK, and gives a brief introduction to the libraries and samples included with it. It also includes an optional detour showing how to do minimal configuration of an Intel AMT-equipped system, since the Intel AMT system must be configured before interaction with it is possible. The training ends off by demonstrating compilation of the SDK's Remote Control sample.

I was involved in creating this WBT, and I have just made a short blog post about how we created it, which I hope you will find interesting.

The training is available here.

We are very interested in your feedback on this training. Please post comments in the forum.

In particular, do you think such training material is valuable to you?

Would you like to see more similar trainings posted in the future, and on what topic(s) would you like them to focus?

Aharon Robbins
Software Engineer on the Intel AMT SDK team
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Nice one, it's very easy to understand. Looking forward to see the next release ^^
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