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intel fail in AMT. Is there any workaround for this problem?




While trying to use Intel AMT API we faced the following problems. Please comment because they affect the quality of the application we’re developing.


  1. SOL, programming realization


There’s a utility called “Manageability Commander Tool”. It’s an open source utility, that, according to Intel demonstrates possibilities of vPro, AMT. It has been downloaded from here: We connect to a remote PC, open SOL (Serial over LAN redirection) session. Then we reload the PC into BIOS. BIOS is loaded.  But pressing any key now results in a dialog to quit BIOS, as if an ESC key has been pressed. Is there any workaround for this problem?


See the screenshots below. They contain version information as well as the look and feel of the problem we experience.



  1. Problem using library Intel AMT HLAPI in order to access IDE-R functionality (Redirection):

The method IRedirectionIDER.StartIDERCD(String)raises an exception when trying to mount a physical CD disk:

ManageabilityException: <DISK LETTER> is not a Removable drive.

The exception is reaised by RedirectionIDERImpl inside the method:

void RedirectionIDERImpl.StartIDER(string cd, string floppy, IDERTimeouts timeouts, RedirectState redirectionState)

This is the specific code piece:


                    if (driveInfo.Name.ToLower().CompareTo(string.Concat(floppy.ToLower(), "\\")) == 0)


                        if (driveInfo.DriveType != DriveType.Removable)


                            throw new ManageabilityException(string.Concat(floppy, " is not a Removable drive"));




                            flag1 = true;




  1. Problems reading data from the system log. It occurs when we’re trying to get a list of events using Intel AMT HLAPI:



VManager.Adapter.Exceptions.ComputerManagementException was unhandled by user code


  Message=Non-negative number required.

Parameter name: byteCount



   at System.Text.ASCIIEncoding.GetString(Byte[] bytes, Int32 byteIndex, Int32 byteCount)

   at HLAPI.Services.EventParser.GetDescription(UInt32 eventSensorType, UInt32 eventType, UInt32 eventOffset, Byte[] eventData)

   at Intel.Manageability.Impl.EventLogManager.ParseLog(List`1 records)

   at Intel.Manageability.Impl.EventLogManager.GetAllRecords()

   at VManager.Adapter.IntelAMT.IntelAMTEventLogAdapter.GetEventLogs(IEventLogFilter filter)


We assume the following line fails:

stringBuilder.Append(Encoding.ASCII.GetString(eventData, 1, Encoding.ASCII.GetString(eventData, 1, 6).IndexOf('\0')).TrimEnd(chrArray));

and suppose that the reason is this: Encoding.ASCII.GetString(eventData, 1, 6).IndexOf('\0')) equals -1

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Hello - I need to know a few things first before I can help you:

1.  What OS are you running (on both your AMT Client and your management console)

2.  What version of AMT?

I would try this version of the DTK:

Are you using the latest version of the HLAPI?

You could also try the vPro Platform Solution Manager (it is another version of a management console - it runs on Windows.)  This is built on the HLAPI and contains the source code.  If you can have a successful SOL session using this tool, you can then look at the code to see if you are doing anything wrong.

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