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17.0 update 1: link break with /Quse-intel-optimized-headers


Hi, I've a project which builds and runs fine using VC's headers.  Changing over to Intel optimized headers compiles without issue but fails at link time with

    LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'ipps.lib'

A full drive search indicates Parallel Studio XE 2017 hasn't installed this .lib anywhere, so it isn't something which can be addressed by adding a link path.

I see there are a couple threads about what seems to be the same issue in earlier ICC versions.  Intel support's responded by asking if the compiler's installed and there hasn't been follow up.  In this case, yes, it's most definitely installed.  Is the .lib perhaps mistakenly registered to some other Parallel Studio component and, if so, which one needs to be installed to get it?

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