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2022.1.2 Base Toolkit for Windows package can break ifort ifx icl


28 January 2022

The 2022.1.2 Intel(R) oneAPI Base Toolkit for Windows package posted to the Intel(R) Registration Center (IRC) with Build date: 25 Jan 2022 will break command line use of both Intel Fortran compilers (ifort, ifx) and the Intel C++ Compiler Classic (icl).  In some cases it may break use of ifort, ifx, and icl within supported Visual Studio versions.



This affects Windows only, not Linux or macOS

  • Command line use of Intel Fortran compilers and Intel C++ Compiler Classic (icl) will break. 
  • Within supported Visual Studio versions, breakage will occur if you initially installed the 2022.1.0 or 2022.1.1 HPC Toolkit ONLY (no basekit) and subsequently install the 2022.1.2 Base Toolkit you will see that compilations and runs will fail.
  • Within supported Visual If you installed 2022.1.0 or 2022.1.1 Base+HPC Toolkits and then install 2022.1.2 Base Toolkit you may not see any breakage.
  • Not affected:  Intel oneAPI DPC++/C++ Compiler ( icx dpcpp )

 1) After installing Intel(R) oneAPI Base Toolkit for Windows, 2022.1.2 build 25 Jan 2022, a user who opens a "Intel oneAPI command prompt for IA32 for Visual Studio 202x" or "intel oneAPI command prompt for Intel 64 for Visual Studio 202x" will find that compilers 'ifort', 'ifx', or 'icl' will return :

[ 'ifort' | 'ifx' | 'icl'] is not recognized as an internal for external command, operable program or batch file

 2) Visual Studio compilations and runs may fail.



Be sure that both Basekit and HPCkit are at the same major.minor.patch version.  Build versions will differ.  So if you have HPCkit and you want Basekit, make sure it is also at 2022.1.0.yyy.  Note that the build numbers 'xxx' and 'yyy' do NOT need to match and will not match.  JUST the first 3 numbers must match, ie 2022.1.0 

There will be a new release of BOTH Basekit and HPC Toolkit coming soon. 

Before that new release:

  • If you do NOT have Premier Support you should remove the oneAPI Base Tookit 2021.1.2 and your HPC toolkit version 2021.1.  Then reinstall the HPC Toolkit 2022.1
  • If you do have Premier Support, in IRC download for oneAPI Basekit, use the "Choose a Version" to get 2022 2022.1, w_BaseKit_p_2022.1.0.116 along with w_HPCKit_p_2022.1.0.093.  


Intel will release a new Intel(R) oneAPI Base Toolkit for Windows and Intel(R) oneAPI HPC Tookit for Windows in early February.   It is important that if you install one Toolkit you must install the other Toolkit at the same version.  The versions of your Toolkits must match.  

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