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ATTN Intel: Composer 2011 Update 7 -- info needed

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Dear Intel

Composer 2011 Update 7 has been released and I have some questions:

1. Will Crypto library be updated from v6 to v7 as well?

2. What will happen with ipp_samples? Will they be updated from v5 to v7 and will they finally include the fix for the Period() function bugs which I reported on July 14, 2011?

3. Given the frequency of those updates, has Intel considered distributing incremental updates which would just overwrite the changed files? It is becoming really inconvenient to uninstall and reinstall everything with every update -- updating just the Composer itself takes 6 minutes and 50 seconds on a dual-core 2.4GHz CPU with 4GB RAM and SSD drive and that is without IPP crypto and static libraries.

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