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About the error of program with Intel compiler



I am Hoyeon Lee working at KEB(Korea Exchange Bank) Futures.

I have an enquiry regarding the Intel Compiler.


Firstly, we have experienced a case where we weren't able to receive data through the application compiled by Intel Compiler.

For your information, we are using this on the trading server of a financial institution and low latency where low latency is considered most importantly.

The operational server is using HP DL380 G8, intel E5-2690 2.9G CPU 2’Qty, solarflare 10G NIC

The server is using RedHat5.6 GCC(Version 4.1.2) Compiler which is working well.

For better performance we have installed Intel Compiler C++ studio update3 and have completed the testing.

Ofcourse, we've purchased your original license as well.


We've installed it on June 26th, 4:00 pm, and we have experienced data receiving failures on the application on July 2nd, 11:39 am which was about 4 business days after the installation.

We've checked the tcpdump logs and the data was well received.

Unfortunately, we have noticed that it hasn't been sent to the application layer.

Before running the Intel Compiler, from June 2012 until now we haven't experienced such problems.

After experiencing the problem we are currently using gcc compiled program.

I would like to know the cause of such problems via email.


We would like to know what problems might caused this case such as the OS version problems, TCP/IP socket related part, Network Card compatibility, or any reasons that might have made this problem.  (The recent update4 version included)

Please kindly provide us an email if additional information is needed in order to solve this problem.


Secondly, I'm curious to know if there is a educational program regarding the Intel compiler.

If there isn't, is the information listed on your website the all capable resource, or are you able to provide more detailed documents regarding it?


Thank you for your effort and kind reply in advance.

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I see that you have runtime problems in your complex software. Did you succesfully compile the software with Intel C++ compiler? If Yes, try to Debug the problem in Debug Configuration. Also, the description of issues doesn't provide any technical details on how you've compiled the software.
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Technical support is available through Intel® Premier Support (

Have you seen the documentation links on this page?

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I'd like to make a short follw up. >>...We would like to know what problems might caused this case such as the OS version problems, That is possible. >>...TCP/IP socket related part, That is possible. >>...Network Card compatibility, That is possible. >>...or any reasons that might have made this problem... All the rest is also possible. However you should ask yourself how anybody else could give you any detailed answer for all these questions without having an opportunity to work on site? I know complexity of different financial systems and I think your problem is Not Generic to be discussed on any forum.
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