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Availability of ICC w/ biendian support ?

Hello All,

I am trying to determine if there is a publicly available version of ICC with biendian support.

I am working with a large hardware manufacturer that have a "special blend" of ICC with biendian support and we can not gain access to the compiler for development and testing, they believe there should be a GA version of the compiler that we could get access to for development and testing.

Does anybody know if there is a version of ICC with biendian support - I have tested the current evaluation12.0.5 version and it does not recognize the -little-endian / -big-endian flags.

Can anybody confirm if such a compiler exists...

Many thanks !!
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Intel Bi-Endian Compiler (BEC) does exist and itis widely used in the networking industry.However BECis not a public available tool and accessing it requires special permission.

Please contact INTEL Sales/FAEs and then they will find a way back the request to the BEC team.