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Bug in icpc 15 on OS X


This post is basically a bug report as I have no access to Premier Support. My OpenMPI 1.8.4 on Mac OS X 10.10.1 (Yosemite) build results in a dylib which crashes certain programs even though it passes all of its own tests. I wasn't able to diagnose the optimised build so I was trying to build an unoptimised copy, but the compiler then crashes. The compiler version is:

icpc version 15.0.1 (gcc version 4.9.0 compatibility)

I've pinned down the problematic compiler invocation to the following:

icpc -O0 -xAVX -fp-model strict -c collect_dispersion.cpp

This causes mcpcom to crash after a few seconds. The key point is that dropping any one of the three compiler flags (`-O0` or `-xAVX` or `-fp-model strict`) makes the problem go away. The error message starts with:

Proton IL Dump - Routine not allocatable
Routine __Z12handle_leavePvyjjjP23OTF_KeyValueList_struct  EFI2

This is followed by a large amount of error dump, which can be found here.

The full preprocessed C++ source can be found here.

I've since managed to tweak some things and OpenMPI now works, so this is not urgent. However I reckon this should be properly looked at and fixed.

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