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Build a project with Intel compiler located in source control


We are working with Microsoft VS2008 + Intel C++ compiler (XE 2011) to build our products.

Recently we found that we have several different updated of SP1 installed on developers computers.

This means that some of us might compile our product with one version of the compiler, and the others with another version.

Obviously this is not good practice, so it leads us to the following questions :

1. Could we place the compiler directory, i.e ‘Composer XE 2011 SP1' into source control, and compile our projects from that directory, instead of using it from the installation directory? (compile with visual studio)

2. Could we build our projects with Intel compiler, without actually installing it, but instead, use it from our source control location?

Thanks a lot.


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If you're building the projects within VS 2008 IDE, you need to install the Intel compiler. A slight change to the 1) might work by installing the Intel C++ Composer XE on a shared drive. but let me check and will get back to this again tomorrow. 

But if you're building the project source from a command line using "cl/icl" directly, 2) would work.


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>>...Recently we found that we have several different updated of SP1 installed on developers computers. Maria, Please try to synchronize development environments ( it is the easiest thing ) of different software developers since it will save lots of time for all of you in the future.