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Building for the Atom, on a Core2

Hi, My situation is the following (Linux, ICC 11) :

We are building an app for Linux running the Dual Core Atom. The app will only run on this platform so I was using the Atom as a specific target when compiling.

My workstation is a Core2. When configuring the makefile, the configure scripts complains that the program cannot be run (The configure script builds a small a.out which it test runs. Of course, the code can't be run on a Core2 and the a.out complains, whereafter the configure script fails.)

I don't intend to run or debug the "atomized build" on the Core2, but need to compile it there. obviously, the probem isn't the icc compiler, but the configure script.

Does anyone have a tip how to get around this?

Thanks, Michael

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Hi Michael,

I guess you tell configure to use -xSSE3_ATOM option for compilation, don't you?

I see two workarounds.
The first is to cancel configure sanity tests or use default code generation flags for them.
Another one is to produce a generic code which is optimized for Atom but can also be executed on Core2.
Use -axSSE3_ATOM switch instead or add -mia32 to existing options. This may make your binaries bigger.

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