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C++ XE state of C++0x?

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Is there a page somewhere listing the state of C++ XEs C++0x compatability/support?
- Does it support "auto"?
- Does it support constructor delegation?
- Does it support RValue references / move ctors / operators
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The compiler documentation for 12.0.0 states in the -std=c++0x section:


Enable support for the following C++0x features:

  • Atomic types and operations

  • Scoped enumeration types

  • Defaulted and deleted functions

  • Rvalue references

  • Empty macro arguments

  • Variadic macros

  • Type long long

  • Trailing comma in enum definition

  • Concatenation of mixed-width string literals

  • Extended friend declarations

  • Use of ">>" to close two template argument lists

  • Relaxed rules for use of "typename"

  • Relaxed rules for disambiguation using the "template" keyword

  • "extern template" to suppress instantiation of an entity

  • "auto" type specifier

  • decltype operator

  • static_assert

  • compliant __func__

lambda expressions

There is also the following site on the net:
Giving a few details about the C++0x standard in version 11 of the compiler. I suppose that 12 covers this as well.
I hope that
will be updates at some point.

RValue references and auto seem to be supported.