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CUDA 7.5 sample failed


If you download latest CUDA 7.5 and compile the samples with Pre-Release (Beta) Package ID: w_comp_lib_2016.0.06 most of the Projects failed with error MSB3721.

MS Compiler
147>     Bibliothek "../../bin/win64/Debug/cuSolverRf.lib" und Objekt "../../bin/win64/Debug/cuSolverRf.exp" werden erstellt.
147>  cuSolverRf_vs2012.vcxproj -> C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\CUDA Samples\v7.5\7_CUDALibraries\cuSolverRf\../../bin/win64/Debug/cuSolverRf.exe
========== Alles neu erstellen: 147 erfolgreich, 0 fehlerhaft, 0 übersprungen ==========

Intel Compiler
147>     Bibliothek "../../bin/win64/Debug/cuSolverRf.lib" und Objekt "../../bin/win64/Debug/cuSolverRf.exp" werden erstellt.
========== Alles neu erstellen: 31 erfolgreich, 116 fehlerhaft, 0 übersprungen ==========

I assume projectconversion did notwork correct in all cases.

protocoll attached as txt file


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The log file contains only output from many invocations of the Nvidia nvcc compiler. I do not see what the problem report has to do with the Intel C++ compiler. What is the purpose of the library w_comp_lib_2016.0.06? I could not find anything about it from searching for it. Anyway, if it is made up of object files with x86/x64 code, why would you want to call those routines from GPU code?

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Sorry I did not exact describe the Problem. will try to make it better to understand.

the steps:
1. download latest CUDA version from the Developer Page
2. Install Cuda
3. open the projectfile "Samples_vs2012.sln" from directory C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\CUDA Samples\v7.0
4. go into the Projectmap explorer to "3_Imaging"
5. choose file "bicubicTexture"
6. compile the file "bicubicTexture" with MS C-Compiler --> it will compiled without any error.
7. rightclick on file "bicubicTexture" goto "Intel Compiler" -->"Use Intel C++"
8. "bicubicTexture" will be converted to use Intel Compiler
9. you see following output:
Project: "bicubicTexture"
 Platform "x64" has been updated to use the Intel C++ compiler successfully.
========== Done ==========
10. compile it with Intel's compiler
created programmline shows error MSB3721 RC=1 --> compilation can not start.

So we can assume that the project-conversion did not work exactly in all cases.
That's the problem.


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