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Can I run idb-gui on windows, and iidb-backend on SUSE?


We develop C++ server applications on a head-less SUSE box and run the idbc command-line debugger there. This is all acheived via putty sessions from a windows box.

Now we are able to run the idb-gui debugger on the SUSE box, but its not so responsive, which I guess is due to it having to display eclipse across the network onto the xserver running on our windows box. But, given that the idb-gui is written in Java, is there a simple way to run the idb-gui on windows and get it to connect to the iidb backend running on SUSE? Afterall, all we want the idb-gui frontend to do is to control idb.

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People often claim that VNC is better suited for running GUI applications remotely. Unfortunately, the free VNC for windows doesn't have sufficient resolution, and it seems to have obscure account setup limitations.
The GUI debugger is noticeably less responsive than command line debugger even when running on a directly attached display.
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