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Can't make debugger work


I know this is a simple problem, but I am tired of spending time on it.  I have Visual Studio 2019 and Intel Parallel Studion XE 2020 Composer Edition for Fortran Windows.  I have a large mixed language project C++/Fortran that compiles into a dll, abbvsc.dll.  That works fine.  The dll in turn is used by an electric utility loadflow/dynamics program.  That program is psse.exe, although the name is beside the point.  I cannot get Visual Studio set up so I can debug the dll.  No matter what I try I get messages like "target is not set" or "abbvsc.dll is not an executable" or other unhelpful messages.  Can anybody give me a hint on how toset this up.  I had it working before Christmas but no joy now.  If I remember correctly the debugger starts psse and then when the appropriate command is entered into psse a breakpoint is hit in the dll and things stop.  From there you can single step.  Any help appreciated.

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