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Can we use VS2012 to target both v100 (VS2010) and Intel C++ Composer XE


Dear all,

I am working on a large project (C#,C++/CLI,and native C++) where the target platform toolset for C++/CLI and C++ is v100 (Visual Studio 2010).

For convenience, I use the VS2012 IDE. Everything was working fine up until I tried to compile some native C++ projects with Intel Composer XE 13.0.

If I have say
- projA.vcxproj (target: projA.lib with PlatformToolset = vc100)
- projB.vcxproj (target: projB.lib with PlatformToolset = vc100)
and convert projA to 'Use Intel C++' -> PlatformToolset becomes 'Intel C++ Compiler XE 13.0'
Then I get some linking used when combining projA.lib and projB.lib together:
7>ipo : warning #11082: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\VC\lib\amd64\msvcprt.lib: mismatch detected for '_MSC_VER': value '1700' does not match value '1600' in <snip>/projB.lib.

Of course, if I use the visual 2010 IDE, everything is fine.
So, is there a limitation that force Intel C++ to use the runtime of the current IDE and not take into account the initial PlatformToolset defined in the vcxproj ?

Hoping my explanations are clear. :-)


Note: This is a repost of my previous thread in the "Intel Parallel Studio Forum" since I've been suggested the "Intel C++ compiler forum" is more suited for this question.

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Hi Michel

Thanks for reporting this to us. We are aware of this issue and our development engineers are working on this. You can expect a fix for this in the future release of Intel C++ Compiler.

Thanks and Regards

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