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Cannot find library on Centos 6


I'm trying to test using mpirun on a system the code was not compiled on, and it's unable to find a library.  I'm using Intel Parallel Studio XE 2019, update 3, to compile a mixed Fortran C++ code on Centos 7.  I'm having problems running it on that same system (see my other post for that problem), but I eventually will need it to run on a separate system as well.  I already have a system running Centos 6, so I'm also trying to run it there.  I get the following error:

mycode: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I've searched online, and can not figure out where that library is even supposed to be located.  Does anyone know where this file is supposed to be?

I've downloaded and attempted to install l_comp_lib_2019.3.199_comp.cpp_redist.tgz and l_comp_lib_2019.3.199_comp.for_redist.tgz.  I say attempted, because I'm not a superuser on this system, so I'm not sure if it's able to install.  I don't get any kind of error message when I run the scripts, so I think they installed correctly.  Is it just those two libraries I need, or are there others as well?

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No one knows where is supposed to be, if it comes from l_comp_lib_2019.3.199_comp.cpp_redist.tgz or l_comp_lib_2019.3.199_comp.for_redist.tgz, or if I need to be a super user to install them?