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Compiling ROM for x86 Android Device



For first, here is writed the Intel INDE Proffessional is free until January 2016, but the download link is broken Why?

I have a Lenovo P90. I really dont like a Lenovo UI. Lenovo providing a source codes, so i cloned a Android 4.4.4. and copyied a Lenovo source files into it! But while building, the compiling failed becouse the ICC compilers missing in Prebuild/PRIVATE. I little searched about this and i found. I need the Android Intel C++ Compiler. So i searched where to get it! But sadly, it is contains only a Intel Studio, what is paid! But anyway, im a Student of "high-school", so i will obtain tools for a students package. But, there is a problem.. For first, i dont reach a 18 years (why lol). And then, for verify for im student i need a school email. We dont getting a School Emails, but for verifying for im student i using my International Student Identification Card.

So, my question is: its possible to get Android Intel C++ Compilers or how to get a student package with my ISIC card.


Okay, for testing i downloaded trial of Intel Studio and i installed. Then i linked a prebuilts/PRIVATE/icc (etc..) to a intel64 directory with tools in my installation directory. But anyway, build failed becouse Xild says this:

xild: executing 'ld'
ld: out/target/product/generic/obj/lib/crtbegin_dynamic1.o: Relocations in generic ELF (EM: 40)
out/target/product/generic/obj/lib/crtbegin_dynamic1.o: error adding symbols: File in wrong format
make: *** [out/target/product/generic/obj/lib/crtbegin_dynamic.o] Error 1

P.S. If i writing to wrong category, sorry and delete it!

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