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Concurrent install of Intel Parallel Studio XE 2013 and Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016


I need to keep the older version of the Intel compiler on my system. I am currently using Studio XE 2013 with MSVC 2010. 

I would like that configuration to stay active when I install Studio XE 2016. However, during installation it just uninstalled any previous integration with MSVC 2010 and installed its own new integration. I would only like to use the new Intel compiler with MSVC 2015 and would like to continue using the old compiler with MSVC2010. 

Is there a way to turn off this installation step? Is this a configuration that is generally supported?

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This should work, if you reinstall the older version, as it should leave vs2015 untouched.


I tried re-installing Studio XE 2013, but when I open MSVC 2010, it complains that Intel integration failed to load. However one integration that is active is the new one. So when I build my project it is actually using new compiler.


Hi Katerina,
You can use 14.0 and 16.0 versions of the compilers at the same time (concurrent install):
   1) Install Intel Parallel Studio XE (IPS) 2013
   2) Install IPS XE 2016
   3) You can then use 16.0 compiler in VS2015
   4) You can continue to use 14.0 compiler in VS2010 (IDE from IPS XE 2016 supports compiler 16.0/15.0/14.0)

That said, you cannot use the 13.0 and 16.0 compiler at the same time. The installer of the IPS XE 2016 removes the IDE for 13.0 from all of VS.

You may try to do the following option and give a shot:

1) Install PSXE 2013
2) Install PSXE 2016 and select integration only for VS2015 (do not select VS2010)
3) You can use compiler 16.0 in VS2015
4) Launch PSXE 2013 in Modify mode and select integration to VS2010 again. It should accommodate integration to VS2010 for the 13.0 version of the compiler.

Hope the above helps, let me know, thanks.