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Configure and Building perl with intel icc compiler


I have many times built perl using gcc. Now tring to install the perl using intel icc compiler.
I got evaluation version in my linux machine.
I ran ./Configure -Dcc=icc plus some addtional options.

But I am not successfull in building the perl.

The perl make throwing error like below.

'Number of tests must be a positive integer. You gave it '5' at ../libUsergrent.t
'Number of tests must be a positive integer. You gave it '239' at ../libUnicode/UCD.t

Many error like above.

Even after installing it.. I can't install any cpan modules.. get this error..

Warning: IO::Compress::Gzip: Parameter 'Minimal' must be an int, got '1' at /usr/local/oracle/perl/5.10.1/lib/5.10.1/i686-linux-thread-multi/Compress/ line 137

Can anyone guide me, how to configure and compile perl 5.10.1 with icc compiler. Do I need to specify any specific additional options in ./Configure ?

Thanks in advance..

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