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Crash in _kmp_dephash_free on program exit

Intel Compiler XE 2017, Windows 64-bit.

Can anyone give some hints as to what this indicates ... Its clearly some kind of OpenMP threading issue that is hard to track. Intel Inspector is not giving me enough clues to find the issue.

This is happening on exit() as the OpenMP library cleans up after itself.

     libiomp5md.dll!__kmp_dephash_free(kmp_info * thread, kmp_dephash * h) Line 138    C++
     libiomp5md.dll!__kmp_free_implicit_task(kmp_info * thread) Line 931    C++
     libiomp5md.dll!__kmp_internal_end() Line 5897    C++
     libiomp5md.dll!__kmp_internal_end_library(int gtid_req) Line 524    C++
     libiomp5md.dll!DllMain(HINSTANCE__ * hInstDLL, unsigned long fdwReason, void * lpReserved) Line 775    C++
>    libiomp5md.dll!__DllMainCRTStartup(void * hDllHandle, unsigned long dwReason, void * lpreserved) Line 330    C


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