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Crashing when using Intel OpenCL drivers on Ubuntu


Hello Intel,

I am trying to run some of the CLBlast tests, they not only fail, but also return a very long human-unreadable back trace and memory log is written to the terminal.

When I try to manually compile some .cl files from the Intel-provided examples, they seem to work. clinfo and tools from Intel for checking the drivers and SDK installation seem to work and indicate no error. Any tips?

My processor is:
Intel Core i7-5557U CPU @ 3.10GHz
and I've been trying to run the tests on the integrated graphics card as well, which is:
Intel Iris Graphics 6100
and I am running Ubuntu 16.04 with the 4.7.0 kernel, patched with the Intel OpenCL drivers. uname -a gives me:
Linux printer3d-desktop #1 SMP Tue Dec 5 13:28:40 CET 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

If some one can help me I will be very thankful to him. 


Best Regards,

Sam Martin

Researcher at

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Can you tell us how to reproduce it?

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