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Cross Compiling for Windows from Linux


Not sure what forum would be most appropriate for this question, but this seemed close at least....kindly advise if there's a better place!

For many years my company has been interested in the availability of cross compilation for Windows from Linux.   Our primary development environment is Linux, and the various approaches to getting linux buildable software to build on windows involve various levels of pain and suffering of one sort or another.   Being able to create native windows binaries without having to duplicate development environments would be a real benefit.   Some level of capability in this regard has been available via the MinGW tools for at least a decade, and we used it for a time, but limitations such as inability to debug with ordinary windows tools were too much of a hinderance.   Since we believe the claim that ICC is really the same compiler on Windows and Linux, it seems like it would be very straight-forward to create a Linux version of the compiler able to create  windows objects - or a windows version able to create linux objects.

I think I saw a very old thread ('06/'07) where someone was requesting this sort of capability, and nothing was offered from Intel w/icc at that time, other than a weak comment that someone would take up the idea with marketing.   Follow up posts noted you could acquire the capability w/WINE on linux, but that means using the Intel Windows Compiler on Linux.   We have experience using that approach as well, with the actual Miscrosoft development tools, but performance was agonizingly slow.

So Intel, has this situation changed?   If so, great!   How do I do it!   If not, why?


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